Tim Burton’s BIG EYES Gets A Couple Regular-Sized Pics

No, it's not an anime documentary.

Every once in a while, Tim Burton makes a movie that isn’t totally awful. They usually tell smaller, more personal stories and do not rely on a ton of CG. And lately, anyway, they do not star Johnny Depp. Big Eyes could be one of those films.

Written by Ed Wood writers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, Big Eyes tells the story of Margaret Keane (Amy Adams), an artist who paints pictures of people with big eyes, and her husband Walter (Christoph Waltz), the guy who sells them everywhere and takes credit for their creation. They end up getting divorced, and Margaret must prove in court that she’s the original artist responsible for the paintings.

Written out like that, it all sounds a little boring. But I wonder if this lack of narrative fireworks won’t bring back the quieter Tim Burton of old. I also think it will be fun to see Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz argue for two hours.

In any case, here are two photos from the film, both of which prove that the film does exist. They are both pretty basic in a way but do feature big-eye paintings, so we at least know we’re looking at the right movie.

Big Eyes will come out December 25.