This Silly KICKBOXER Remake Just Got Seriously Serious

Those are some high caliber kickers and boxers.

I doubt too many people were thrilled to learn that another Kickboxer movie was on the way, especially one that lacks Jean-Claude Van Damme and replaces him with a guy named Alain Moussi. Nevertheless, even the most irritating movie project can turn into a huge deal with the right casting.

Kickboxer appears to be that kind of film. We already knew Dave Bautista was going to appear in the film. I wasn’t really excited about that until I saw him kill it as Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy. But now there are names that put Bautista’s to shame. Names like Scott Adkins. And Tony Jaa. And George St. Pierre. Well, I’m not familiar with that last guy, but I’m sure he’s badass. You know fighters brave enough to keep their Frenchy names have a lot of confidence.

So now we have a real movie on our hands, one I’ll be following closely until it finally comes out and disappoints me a little. I can’t wait.