Nic Cage The Most Restrained Part Of This LEFT BEHIND Trailer

The best-selling Rapture series gets another adaptation, this time with almost a budget.

You could probably make a pretty cool movie about the Biblical Rapture*, but Left Behind ain't it. Based on the best-selling series of novels about those who remain after God takes the holiest people up to Heaven with Him, this is the second go-round on the Left Behind carousel. Last time Kirk Cameron starred. This time it's Nicolas Cage.

As you can tell from the trailer above Cage is a little more reserved than he often is; he's not bringing his A-game because this is clearly a paycheck role. Which is too bad, as the Left Behind books get progressively weirder and more offensive as they go on, and I want to see Cage in a movie going hogwild alongside a returned Jesus with laserbeam eyes. 

Left Behind opens October 3rd. Is it too much to hope we get it at Fantastic Fest?


* Note that the Rapture is not Biblical but is rather made up in the 1840s and has become very popular with Evangelicals who know little to nothing about the Bible that is so important to them.