THE GUEST Trailer: Dan Stevens Kicks Some Serious Ass

The next from the makers of YOU’RE NEXT. So it wasn't you afterall.

Director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett are soon going to release The Guest, their follow up to You’re Next, and based on this trailer (plus tons of great things I’ve heard), it’s going to be kind of great.

The Guest stars Downton or maybe Upton Abbey guy Dan Stevens as some kind of ass kicking good guy bad guy who knows guy who visits his dead buddy's family and either protects them from getting fucked up or fucks them up. I’m not really sure. There’s a ton of menace coming off him, though. That much is pretty clear.

You know I like a good action film. Even a bad action film, really. But what I like most is horror films built around action structures and conventions. I can’t say for sure if that is what The Guest is up to, but it’s giving me that impression, and I can’t wait to see it.

The Guest opens September 17. That’s closer than you think!