You No Longer Have To Worry About That MONSTER SQUAD Remake

Your childhoods remain safe from this particular violation.

Those lovable remake hounds at Platinum Dunes have been pursuing a The Monster Squad remake for a few years now. They had writers and everything. It seems like a decent enough idea. Maybe you can’t recapture the charm of the original (if you found the original charming, that is) but there’s a lot of room to make something good out of a story where a group of asshole kids fight a crew of Universal Monsters.

Alas, it was not meant to be. In an interview with Collider, Platinum Dunes remake hounds Brad Fuller and Andrew Form put a fork in the project officially:

Andrew Form:  The Monster Squad, we’re not developing anymore.
Brad Fuller:  That’s dead.

Wow, so cut and dry. They seem a little bummed out, but maybe a little relieved to have it off their plate. Then again, I also get a sense of sadness, with a slight tinge of lost innocence. It’s nine words, so I can pretty much intuit anything I want.

I think this is a bummer. Not that we lost anything great, but it would have been fun to look at from a novelty perspective. Kind of fun. Well amusing, anyway.

The Monster Squad remake comes out August 14, 2018.