Young Scientists In Love In the THEORY OF EVERYTHING Trailer

It's Stephen Hawking: A Love Story.

Hola Oscar season! Here comes another contender for the naked gold man, Theory of Everything, the love story of Stephen Hawking. Starring Eddie Redmayne as Hawking and Felicity Jones as his wife-to-be Jane Wilde. They meet as young students and fall in love, but motor neuron disease begins trapping the brilliant scientist within his own body. You know the rest from there, and this trailer makes sure you find out if you didn't already know.

Here's what I wonder: will they get to the part where this wonderful romance falls to pieces and Hawking, despite being immobilized in his wheelchair, leaves Jane for his nurse? Or where Jane says that her role in their relationship ended up becoming just telling Hawking he wasn't God? It'll be interesting to see how far Theory of Everything takes this love story, because it's doomed in real life.