MIchael Fassbender Wears A Big Head And Sings A Song From FRANK

It's a really great song, by the way.

I caught up with Frank, the highly fictionalized movie about British outsider artist/comedy act/singer Frank Sidebottom, a fictional character who had a TV show and a music career and who was played by the late Chris Sievey. Frank has little to do with the real story of Sievey (or even the fictional story of Frank Sidebottom) but is nonetheless a wonderful examination of the nature of creativity and the constant struggle for an artist who wants to be true to his vision but also be heard. 

In a wonderful movie Michael Fassbender plays Frank, spending almost the entire movie with his handsome movie star mug hidden beneath a giant fiberglass head. Maggie Gyllenhall and Domhnall Gleeson play members of his band, Soronprfbs (no one in the movie can pronounce it either), and they all got together to play on The Colbert Report last night. The song they did is I Love You All, the best song in the movie. All the music in the movie was recorded live, which is pretty cool, and which makes this performance pretty authentic. 

Frank opens in the US next week. My review soon!