The NRA Thinks DAREDEVIL Is A Documentary

Watch an NRA video promoting gun use for the blind.

Somebody take the Daredevil comics away from the NRA. They posted - and then quickly scrubbed - a video advocating guns for the blind, with a Navy SEAL saying:

Do you think because they're blind they're going to start shooting in every direction and kill everyone? Fact is it's been proven that people who lack vision have an increasing awareness of their hearing and spacial surroundings. 

I actually think that most untrained people - sighted or otherwise - would start shooting in every direction and kill everyone if they tried to use a gun in a shoot out. That's why we try to train our cops and soldiers and don't just hand them weapons and say 'Best of luck, everybody!'

If you told me that Paul Verhoeven had directed this video and that it was going to be included in a Starship Troopers prequel, I would totally believe you. 

Man, why would the NRA try to get rid of such a well-argued video?