Daisy Ridley’s Character To Probably Live Through STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

Life shattering info.

My title here at Badass Digest is News Editor. That means I totally edit the news. You probably don’t know this, but most I days I spend a great amount of time editing out news from places like Deadline about what actors join what talent agencies. It’s boring and no one cares. So YOU ARE WELCOME, YOU GUYS.

But today, Deadline reported that Star Wars VII actress Daisy Ridley has signed, after a bunch of heated competition, with an agency called UTA (see, I’m about to fall asleep already). The big deal here is that the boring news brings with it the slightly less boring news (slightly) that Ridley will appear not only in Star Wars Episode VII but Episodes VIII and IX as well. That mean she doesn't die in two of those films! SPOILER.

Again, this normally wouldn’t be all that interesting. But it involves new Star Wars stuff, which has an interest multiplier of 10, making even the most boring tidbit about 2.5 times as valuable as a normal non-Marvel or DC news item. Therefore, it would be irresponsible for me to edit it out. It’s my job; my hands are tied.

Have a fun weekend!