Embrace Your Inner Poirot, Win One Of These Gorgeous MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS Posters

Can you spot all the clues in Black Dragon Press' newest poster? Might be something in it for you.

A few months ago, a UK-based art gallery by the name of Black Dragon Press appeared out of nowhere to unveil one of the year's best screenprints: a Nicolas Delort piece based on Werner Herzog's Nosferatu The Vampyre. That poster (which, by the way, was somehow even more impressive in person than it was on a hi-res computer screen) immediately marked Black Dragon as an online gallery worth paying attention to. It was so good, in fact, that one had to wonder how the hell they were going to follow it up. Well, they did it. Here's Johnny Dombrowski's Murder On The Orient Express (based on Sidney Lumet's 1974 film of the same name), which the gallery announced this morning:

Murder On The Orient Express by Johnny Dombrowski
270gsm Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite
24x36", 5-Color Screenprint
£45 Hand-Numbered Edition of 110

Murder On The Orient Express by Johnny Dombrowski

 270gsm Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite
24x36", 5-Color Screenprint (Metallic Inks)
£70 Hand-Numbered Edition of 50

  Pretty awesome, right? Well, get this: the Black Dragon guys have organized a really cool little contest around this print. Here, I'll let them tell you:

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its release we invited New York illustrator Johnny Dombrowski to create this stunning poster for the film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s iconic whodunnit “Murder On The Orient Express”.
In the spirit of this star-studded classic Johnny Dombrowski has cleverly peppered his illustration with a number of clues — plus a red herring or two — the famously moustachioed detective Hercule Poirot encounters during his investigation. Can you spot them all?
To test your detective skills the first person to correctly e-mail us a list of the clues in the poster (5 in total) will win a MOTOE Regular print, and if you also catch the two red herrings you get the Variant on top (or a full refund if you have already purchased the print). Just to make things interesting one red herring is the same as one of the clues, so watch out! (it helps if you watch the film). We will announce the winner on our facebook page as soon as we receive the first correct response.
And here's what Dombrowski has to say about the creation of the print:
Whenever working on a new commission, I try my best to capture the overall atmosphere of the film in one solid image. To put it bluntly, avoiding the commonly seen collage format. On top of that, with a cast as large as "Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express", it was clear that was not the best direction to go. Fortunately, like many of her novels and this movie, the location is as much a character as Poirot. The image of this iron horse carving through the snow was frozen in my sight. That and this mysterious atmosphere. Like a fog rolling in over the mountains... Growing up in a household of ghosts and the unexplained, it wasn't out of the ordinary for my mother to look at images or paintings and see faces that weren't really there. With that in my blood, mystery has always drawn me in, with a need to leave secrets underneath the surface. Things lurking in the shadows. Clues for those willing to look.
Oh, I'm willing to look, sir. I've been poring over this thing for half an hour. So far I've discovered...maybe two or three? How about you guys? What clues are you seeing in the prints above? Tell ya what: go ahead and send me all of your answers, and I'll see to it that they're put through a rigorous vetting process before you pass them along to the Black Dragon guys. Hell, I'll even send 'em in on your behalf. With my name and address attached.
You can head over to Black Dragon Press' website to get a bigger, better look at the prints in question. And if detective work isn't your thing, you can just wait for the drop: both of these prints will go on sale this coming Tuesday, August 12th at 2pm BST over on Black Dragon's "Shop" page.
Good luck to everyone trying for one of these, as well as to all the amateur Poirots out there who'll be trying to win one on the contest front. And while we're at it: congrats to both Black Dragon Press and Johnny Dombrowski for successfully following up that Delort drop. Impressive work, guys!