Fantasia Fest: Watch Barbara Crampton Fight A Gremlin In The Short Film PAISLEY

If you need more information than Barbara Crampton + gremlin, I don't know if we can be friends. Watch it exclusively on BAD!

Paisley from Matt Olmon on Vimeo.

Paisley, from director Matt Olmon and writer and sometime BAD correspondent Evan Dickson, was my favorite short film of Fantasia Fest. It's hilarious and adorable, and stars the all-time great Barbara Crampton as a wealthy, sheltered woman who reads The Help and decides to give her entire staff the day off at the worst possible time: after a murderous little gremlin has stolen his way into her mansion. I'm thrilled to exclusively debut it on Badass Digest today; it's a really good time and I insist you all watch it immediately. You won't regret it.

Dickson tells us:

A few years ago Matt called me and we discussed a story that sort of riffed on 'A Day Without A Mexican' in which rich white people were punished for taking everything around them for granted. They have these fabulous houses but can't work anything without "The Help." A year or so later we decided to make this thing. Initially the main character was a bit more abrasive, but Barbara Crampton changed all of that. Right away she had a few ideas that really enhanced Christine and made her a much warmer presence. The character became watchable the minute she came onboard. My role is fairly minimal in the scheme of this endeavor. I wrote it but Matt directed, produced and edited it. Barbara brought the character to life, just as DanRae brought Paisley to life.

Gremlin! Barbara Crampton! What are you people waiting for?