Vin Diesel Begins Next Grassroots Campaign For A Marvel Role

Could he be playing an Inhuman?

Here's how I heard the story, and maybe it's not true: Vin Diesel just kept talking about doing a Marvel movie all the time, and eventually Marvel met with him, and that turned into the role of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. Basically Vin willed a role ito existence by talking about being in talks with Marvel so very much. And the Groot role was a great success, everybody loves Groot and you'd think Vin would be happy. But that would be because you don't know Vin! There are more roles to conquer! This weekend he left this update on his Facebook (Vinbook) page: 

Yeah, that capital I is telling. Is Vin trying to get a role in a potential Inhumans movie? That is one of the franchises Marvel has been kicking around behind the scenes for years now, and with their upcoming three movies a year slates, it could be time for Black Bolt and the denizens of Attilan to hit the big screen. Or Vin could once again be willing something into existence. 

Let's pretend there is an Inhumans movie in the offing. In Marvel Comics the Inhumans are a secret race who live on Earth who, long ago, were experimented upon by the Kree. Now they subject themselves to the Terrigen Mists, which transform them into super powered - and occasionally monstrous - beings. There's a royal family of the Inhumans, who live in the hidden city of Attilan, led by Black Bolt. Black Bolt would be a funny character for Vin because he can't talk... or rather, he can, but his voice is immensely destructive, so he never does. That means Vin could be the voice of Groot and the body of Black Bolt and never the twain would meet. Personally I would like Vin to play Lockjaw, the giant bulldog with a mustache who teleports the Inhuman royal family around. 

An Inhumans movie could be very much Thor meets Game of Thrones; Black Bolt is always warding off attempts on the throne by his brother, Maximus the Mad. In recent comics Black Bolt exposed the Earth to Terrigen mists, activating many hidden Inhumans in the general population; some have speculated that this plot point could be used in the movies to replace mutants, who are owned by Fox.

What do you think - is Vin up for another Marvel role? Or is he just being Vin?