Tom McCarthy’s SPOTLIGHT May Nab A Ton Of Great Actors

Two of them are Michael Keaton!

Tom McCarthy must be an eclectic guy because he’s going from an Adam Sandler film about a shoe repairman who has to magically walk in his customers’ shoes (it’s called The Cobbler and it’s not a Funny People joke), to a drama about the Catholic Church’s child molestation cover-up in Massachusetts.

And while I might actually be more open to watching the Adam Sandler shoe movie, I have to admit that this other film, Spotlight, is getting a cast worth attention. The Wrap reports that Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, and Stanley Tucci are all in talks to take roles in the film. Rachel McAdams has recieved an official offer. Meanwhile, Liev Shreiber and Aaron Eckhart are also circling roles. Like vultures.

I like all these people, and while I don’t know which of them will have their faces CGd onto little kiddie molestation victim bodies, or if they even plan on doing that, my hope is that Michael Keaton is among their number. And that they do that. Because it would be hilarious. And deep.