First Photos From Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Zombie Film MAGGIE!

Old Arnold? Check. Does he have a beard? Check. Is there a zombie? Check.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s upcoming film, Maggie, a movie about a farmer who has to take care of his daughter as she turns into a zombie, has always seemed like a fake movie I dreamed up after a long night of drinking. Luckily, that’s not the case, and we’re finally getting proof of the film’s existence.

First off, it looks like Maggie will play at this year’s Toronto International Film Fest as a late addition to the Galas and Special Presentations lineup. To help ensure that even THAT is not an alcohol-induced dream, we also have some photos from the film. So unless I’m dreaming right now, this is starting to look legitimate.

Not only does it look legitimate, but it looks a bit more somber than expected, too. I guess that was always a possibility, but with a plot synopsis like this I just took a comedic tone for granted. Maybe not. Maybe this will be the hard hitting zombie drama we’ve all been waiting for. All I know is, I was to see this movie as soon as humanly possible.

(via Collider)