INHUMANS Still In Development At Marvel

The property continues getting kicked around the House of Ideas.

Back in 2011 we told you that Marvel was developing an Inhumans movie. They still are, it turns out. Collider reports that the latest person to take a crack at a script is Joe Robert Cole, who was part of Marvel's in-house writer's program. Marvel is using his script to entice filmmakers onto the project, but be warned: this doesn't mean an Inhumans movie is any closer to happening than it was in 2011. 

Marvel's in-house development program resulted in a lot of scripts being generated, such as the early version of Guardians of the Galaxy, a Black Widow script, an early version of Doctor Strange and even a Black Panther.  Some of these scripts move forward, as Guardians did, where it was heavily reworked by James Gunn (the earlier draft barely included Groot, for instance.  It also ended with a fight with Thanos). Jon Spaights is working on Doctor Strange right now, but what relation it will bear to the script Marvel had in a drawer - featuring Baron Mordo as the villain - is unknown. I'm not even sure what other scripts Marvel has sitting around; participants in their writing program were given carte blanche to pick characters from the comics and write movies about them, basically. 

Of course Inhumans could be picking up steam. Vin Diesel dropped a hint about it this weekend, and post-Guardians Marvel must be interested in more team movies. The group of characters present huge merchandising opportunities (even if they drop the ball on the female characters), and bringing in the Inhumans and Terregensis opens up lots of doors for their universe. With so many films dated but unannounced anything is possible. 

The big takeaways: Marvel is certainly considering Inhumans for the near future, and don't expect whatever is in this script to necessarily be what you see in the finished movie. I think Marvel operates a lot like Pixar - constantly reworking and playing with the story right up until, and continuing through, shooting and editing.