Fire Talk With Devin

Your humble badass-in-chief guests on a TWIN PEAKS podcast.

I've been doing a lot of podcast guest spots lately and I like it. It's fun. The latest is a new entry in the 'rewatch' genre, Fire Talk With Me. Created by my actual good real life friends Jeremy Smith of Ain't It Cool and Allison Goertz of Cossbysweater. The premise is that Allison, being a baby, never saw Twin Peaks and Jeremy, being a nerd, is way into it. They watch episodes and have guests come on to talk about them. I was one!

The episode we discussed is actually a seminal one - it's where the Black Lodge/Red Room is introduced. This is the episode where it becomes clear that Twin Peaks was more than just a standard TV procedural. 

You can listen to the podcast via iTunes by clicking here.