Sony Might Bow To North Korean Dictator And Edit THE INTERVIEW

Small and big changes could be afoot for the comedy. 

We mustn't offend North Korea. We wouldn't want them launching a missile into the sea out of anger. That seems to be the thought process of Sony, who are considering editing The Interview, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's comedy about a bumbling attempt to assasinte Kim Jong Un, the dictator who is continuing his father's policies of starving his people to death. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter the studio is looking to digitally alter the buttons worn by North Korean military in the film; as shot the buttons are authentic in detail, and honor the dictator and his rotting-in-hell father. Having them in the movie would be offensive to the nation where people are not allowed to take photographs without official authorization.

That's a small detail. A much bigger detail, and one that is probably a spoiler, is also being changed. Possible spoiler ahead.

A shot where Kim Jong Un's face melts off in slomo may also be changed or deleted. WHAT? This sounds amazing, and the idea that it's being cut to appease a fucking dictator is making my face melt off. 

Sources tell the Hollywood Reporter that the Japanese parent company of the studio is not behind the decisions; technically Japan could be within reach of North Korea's nuclear arms, if they could launch them correctly. North Korea probably couldn't hit a target in the United States, although I guess the Sony lot is pretty far on the west side, so maybe they're just close enough. 

I honestly hate stuff like this. I hated when the Chinese were changed to North Koreans for the Red Dawn remake, and I hate the idea of now appeasing the North Koreans. Like, did you guys not think this through when you greenlit and paid for the movie? I don't think Rogen and Goldberg kept the identity of the film's dictator a secret from Sony when they were pitching, writing and filming this movie. 

Fuck North Korea. I don't care how good Pulgasari is.