It’s Been A Shitty Week. Enjoy This Video Of Groot Dancing

This is a spoiler if you haven't seen GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!

What a terrible week, huh? I'm having a pretty personally problematic Thursday, and that's on the heels of finding myself shockingly emotional about the death of Robin Williams and increasingly angered and saddened about the situation in Ferguson. I feel like I could use a break. A dance break.

Marvel has kindly released the wonderful sequence of baby Groot dancing from the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, and it's just what I needed. This character - especially this iteration - has caught on in major ways. I keep hearing about people's moms falling in love with Groot. It's hard to quantify when a movie becomes a cultural touchstone, but moms loving characters and people making home brew versions of the character certainly indicate that Guardians has crossed over into the rarified air of 'shared culture.'

So enjoy baby Groot dancing, enjoy being part of a cultural moment and enjoy a respite from all the bad shit in the world for a few moments. 

The embed above may disappear. If it does, watch the original unembeddable version here.