The Orchard’s Next Film Will Be MISSIONARY

The horror distribution company picks up the rights to Anthony DiBlasi’s latest thriller.

The Orchard is a distribution company that has recently partnered with Shock Till You Drop to bring us, so far, The Canal, a deeply affecting horror film that I really, really liked. Or, well, that I reviewed quite positively. I can't say I enjoyed it. 

And today The Orchard announced that they've acquired the rights to their next film, Anthony DiBlasi’s Missionary. The film was a hit at Fantasia Fest (I missed it while I was there), noted for "its relatable characters and intense level of gore," which sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Here's the summary: 

Married  Katherine Kingsmen (Dawn Olivieri) engages in a fling with Kevin Brock (Mitch Ryan), a Mormon missionary with a troubled past. But, Katherine opts to save her marriage and, inevitably, Brock’s obsessions and insanity take over.  He will stop at nothing to prove to Katherine that they are destined to be together by God’s will.

I kind of love the idea of a terrifying Mormon. DiBlasi has previously directed 2009's Dread and 2011's Cassadaga, and he was an executive producer on The Midnight Meat TrainMissionary was scripted by Cassadaga writers Scott Poiley and Bruce Wood. It hits theaters October 31, in ten "major U.S. markets," followed by a digital release.