Warner Bros Wins Suit Over Dumb Tech From THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

The Clean Slate tech is legal!

One of the dumbest things in The Dark Knight Rises - a movie with more than a few dumb things going on! - is the Clean Slate technology that Catwoman is trying to steal. It's one of those computer programs your grandmother might believe made sense - it erases your identity from every computer database on the planet. How? Look. Christopher Nolan doesn't even use email, you can't expect him to have even the slightest idea how computers work, or to understand that there might be data not connected to the internet. 

But it turns out there was really a computer program called Clean Slate, one used to erase your computer's history so your wife doesn't know you're Google searching 'jailbait' all the time. And Fortres Grand, the guys who make that software sued Warner Bros in what seems to be a very dumb claim of 'reverse confusion' under trademark law. Apparently people might think the tech in TDKR is the same as the desktop program... which you'd think would be a boon to the desktop program. Hell, I'd even use a Catwoman type to advertise it!

The case went to court, and it's been wending its way through for a while now, and the verdict has come down from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals: The Dark Knight Rises did not infringe. Said the court:

"Both the movie and Fortres Grand’s software are available on the internet, but the movie was shown first and primarily in theaters and Fortres Grand’s software is only available at its website, not at other places on the internet. And anyone who arrives at Fortres Grand’s website is very unlikely to imagine it is sponsored by Warner Bros. (assuming, safely, that Fortres Grand is not using Catwoman as a spokesperson for its program’s efficacy)..."

I guess the court saw through my advertising plan. They did not, however, weigh in on how Bruce Wayne got from that pit back to Gotham.