COMMUNITY Season Six Gets A Confident Teaser

The show that won’t die looks forward to its new future.

You have to love the confidence in this Community season six teaser. The show has had so many ups and downs with this show, however, that maybe it knows something about life we’ve all yet to learn. In that case: confidence well-placed.

Community is currently on a weird up AND down. It’s not dead, but its life is in the hands of Yahoo. This pop culture-filled teaser claims that now the show will be better than ever. I’m not sure about that. It will probably be weirder than ever, though, and maybe that’s just as good.

I haven’t been watching the show for a while, so I don’t know if any of this footage is new. Since 99% of it recaps the first five seasons, I’m thinking not. Nevertheless, this is really happening so if you love this show, it’s time to start getting mildly excited.

Also, there is no premiere date for Community season six.