Ving Rhames Will Be Back In MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5

Maybe even for more than a minute!

In its four entries thus far, the Mission Impossible series has enjoyed a very strange balance between building and discarding continuity. Like the Fast and Furious films, it started as one thing but seems to be transforming itself into something new as it collects series regulars and slowly becomes more of a team series.

This (light) focus on continuity only started in earnest recently, however, when Ghost Protocol decided to keep Simon Pegg and, to a lesser extent, Michelle Monaghan on for another go. But it’s kind of always been there when it comes to Ving Rhames. The actor has appeared in all four movies so far, even if his last appearance was just a cameo.

It looks like that tradition will continue. According to a tweet from Mission Impossible 5 director, Christopher McQuarrie, Ving Rhames will join Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, and (for some reason but I’m not complaining) Jeremy Renner for a fifth adventure in which Tom Cruise probably dangles from something.

Whether this will be a for real role or just another cameo remains to be seen. We have a lot of time to ponder this, as the film doesn’t even come out until December 25, 2015.