Houston! Join Me For A James Gunn Double Feature On 35mm This Sunday!

$12 for both SLITHER and SUPER on 35. You can't beat that with a wrench. 

James Gunn has been one of my favorite directors for a long time, and I'm overjoyed that the world at large is now celebrating his talent and singular point of view with the enormous success of Guardians of the Galaxy. But now that you've seen Guardians and loved it - and laughed, and hummed along quietly in your seat to Awesome Mix Vol 1, and swooned over Baby Dancing You-Know-Who, and maybe cried a little - it's time to go back and celebrate two of his earlier, even weirder directorial efforts.

So join Houston Alamo Drafthouse Programming Director Robert Saucedo and I as we host a double feature of Slither and Super on 35mm this Sunday, August 24! TWELVE DOLLARS for two outstanding films on 35mm. Slither is a brilliant, joyous, amazingly gross throwback to the monster B-movies of the past, featuring super charming performances from Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rooker and Gregg Henry. It's one of my favorite movies, a film I watch at least twice a year, but I've never seen it on the big screen. I am, to put it mildly, geeking out. 

And then there's Super, a movie that - despite a plot description that might put you in mind of another, lesser film released the same year - is unlike anything else. Gunn's first take on the superhero genre is a deeply personal, affecting film that shows the dark side of vigilantism. I mean the really dark side. Dark like pitch black, like midnight on a moonless night. But funny!

So tell crime to shut up and crack open a Mr. Pibb ("it's the only coke I like!"), and join us for what promises to be at least my favorite afternoon of the year. Hopefully it'll be yours, too. 

Get your tickets here.