Rumor: Scoot McNairy Is The Flash In BATMAN V SUPERMAN

Weird set pics offer clues.

When Scoot McNairy was hired for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice*his role was kept secret. But have recent set pics given up the jig? Shots of McNairy wearing weird green socks have surfaced from the set; those socks are there for the VFX guys to replace his legs with... something. What is that something?

Batman News speculates that this is because McNairy is playing The Flash, and that his legs will be turned into super-speedster legs in post.


I don't know - that seems like a weird reason to have CGI socks. But I can say that my sources have told me The Flash shows up in this film, and that by the end of the movie we have a Justice League assembled that includes 

Wonder Woman
The Flash

According to my sources we will not see a Green Lantern in the picture until Justice League

How accurate are my sources? I don't know! I trust them enough to run this information, so I'm hoping they're right. And everything that's been coming out of the production has been pointing at them being at least on the right track.

Does that mean McNairy is the Flash? Not necessarily, but there's a lot of evidence in this theory's favor.

* I assure you, good sir, this is truly the title which has been bequeathed upon this production by Warner Bros executives whose annual salaries would dwarf your lifetime income.