See Paul Rudd As Scott Lang In ANT-MAN

Sweet van, dude.

Here's your first picture of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang in Ant-Man. The movie started shooting in San Francisco yesterday, and this is what Rudd looked like on the first day of filming. Here we see Lang in a hoodie (a politically polarizing piece of clothing that denotes Lang as a criminal) standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. He's unshaven, he's beaten up, he's got a crummy van. He's looking less than reputable. He might even be disreputable (if Marvel and Disney didn't fuck up the character too badly). He actually looks sort of like a boxer here, but maybe that's just a function of me watching all the Rocky movies lately. 

What do you think? Does Scott Lang look too cleaned up to you or is this the perfect starting point for a hero whose journey will be redemption?