This Weird Ad For THE EMMYS Will Make You Miss BREAKING BAD

“Tinkerbell playing with a volleyball.”

I won’t watch the Emmys, but I don’t mind watching a commercial (sort of) for the Emmys if it stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. And look! I found one!

Calling this an advertisement isn’t quite accurate. At over six minutes long, it’s more like a full on comedy sketch. And as far as comedy sketches go, it’s a pretty good one.

All three actors are great here, but while Cranston and Paul go broad, it’s Julie Louis-Dreyfus who steals the show. Her reactions are subtle and priceless, and it just makes me all the more sad that she almost had to hock her Emmy to pay for that island she accidentally bought.

If you watch it, make sure you stay for the big ending.