Watch The SOULMATE Scene Banned In The UK

The BBFC would not allow Axelle Carolyn's feature debut to be released in UK theaters with this scene included.

Do you have what it takes to watch the clip above? It's the original opening scene from Soulmate, the feature debut from horror filmmaker Axelle Carolyn, whose shorts have played a number of genre fests. It's the scene that the British Board of Film Classification demanded Carolyn cut from the movie in order for it to be released in the UK. It's one of many cuts made to the film, but this was the most drastic and, as a quick viewing of the clip shows, most baffling.

Clearly the issue the BBFC had with the scene was the disturbing portrayal of an attempted suicide, but it should be disturbing, shouldn't it? The BBFC has a real weird spot about stuff in movies that kids can do at home - a long-standing ban on headbutts, for instance - but I don't see how this sequence would send people scurrying to their bathtubs to end it all. 

The edited version of Soulmate is available through Amazon UK (link below the article), and there's no word yet on whether an uncut version will come to the US.