Buy This Comic Today! THE FADE OUT #1

The latest book from the team that created FATALE finds murder in glamorous old Hollywood.

I have a couple of dreams, and Ed Brubaker helped me achieve one of them. I've always wanted to published in a comic book; growing up as a comic reader having my name in the pages of a funny book seemed like the ultimate validation of my existence. And now, with The Fade Out #1, I'm validated.

The book is the new title from Brubaker and Sean Phillips, a team whose work includes absolute modern masterpieces like Sleeper and the recently completed Lovecraft-noir Fatale. This time the duo turn their attention to post-WWII Hollywood, telling the story of a screenwriter who wakes up from a blackout drunk night to find himself embroiled in a murder case. The first issue is terrific, setting up a great noir story that is going to weave through the history of Hollywood. And supplementing all of that is a little thing I wrote, an essay about Peg Entwistle, an actress who hurled herself from the top of the Hollywood sign. Having my work in this book is one of the proudest moments of my career.

The essay is only available in the physical single issue version - ie, it's not on the digital comic and it won't be in the trade, so you gotta get the book now to read it! Of course you should just read the book, even if you have to skip the essay and get it digitally - it's that good. But you know, the essay is cool too. And there are a bunch of variants, including one version that's the size of an old-time gossip magazine. 

Thanks to Ed for thinking of me for this issue - and hey, Ed, let's do more.

Now if only somebody would let me write a superhero comic...