Sigourney Weaver Too Smart To Join THE EXPENDABELLES

The one name that mattered passes on the spinoff.

This whole Expendabelles thing seems like too much of a joke to be real. Not that the idea that an action film about a group of badass ladies is a joke. Just that it’s called The Expendabelles. I can’t deal.

But it seems to be a real project nevertheless. There’s supposedly a script from Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith. Robert Luketic is supposed to direct. I guess. That news is pretty old now. But we do know, however, that Sigourney Weaver was offered a role. And we also know that she declined that offer.

That must be a big blow for the film. When it comes to ass-kicking ladies, Weaver tends to be the one and only name most people can produce. Any others usually belong to fringe figures whose acting talents leave a lot to be desired (not that that part matters much). Plus Weaver has dignity galore, which can do nothing but help a movie with a name like The Expendabelles.

But hey. Maybe this will translate into good news for Pam Grier.