The Antonio Banderas Renaissance Continues With This Great AUTOMATA Trailer

Stop giving robots brains, scientists!

Maybe it’s because Antonio Banderas just stole The Expendables 3 (well, a lot of people stole The Expendables 3, but he’s the only one who did it in a good way), or maybe it’s because I like movies about sad robots, but I am all about this Automata trailer. All about it.

Virtually no aspect of this film comes across as all that original, but that sort of thing doesn’t bother me when the execution looks this good. I’m a big fan of the way these robots look and sound. I’m a big fan of Antonio Banderas learning to be their human pal. And I’m a big fan of Dylan McDermott done up like a respectable Dog the Bounty Hunter.

So I absolutely want to see this film, which comes out October 10. Am I just being nuts, or are you looking forward to this as well?