Fantastic Arcade Loves Game Devs: Full Lineup And Gamemaking Frenzy Announced

Play some games at or make some games for Fantastic Fest 2014.

It's been a rough week for gaming persons. A coordinated and horrible attack by bigoted sociopaths on one of indie gaming's more prominent (and frankly, awesome) figures left everyone a little stunned and several people actually harmed in one way or another. But thankfully, the quality members of the video-game community are quality indeed, and continue to stand up for one another and their work in a big way. There's a heartwarming degree of creativity, love and artistry in the games industry, and though I'm probably preaching to the choir saying that around here, I still feel it needs to be said loudly and often. I love game developers; their work makes my life a happier and better place.

Fantastic Fest's annual celebration of indie gaming, Fantastic Arcade, loves game developers too. To foster an atmosphere of creation and probably total zonko weirdness, it's announced the theme for this year's Gamemaking Frenzy. The theme is "FOOD, COOKING, EATING, or BARFING," and the submissions will be presented via Barfcade on September 21 by the weird and wonderful Thu Tran, noted fan of food, cooking, eating, and barfing. The jam begins Saturday, August 30 and runs until Sunday, September 14th, so if you're an established developer, a hobbyist, or want to give game design a try in a low-pressure, high-fun environment, head to the Frenzy website to get more information and get ready for the launch. If nothing else, I want to play your games! Especially if they revolve around barfing. It's been a lonely, forgotten bodily function for too long. Let's bring it back into the sun.

In addition to the Gamemaking Frenzy, the Arcade has also released the titles of an additional twenty-eight games that will be playable at the event from September 18th to 21st, complementing the Spotlight games and accompanied by commentaries and tournaments. Read 'em and weep:

Burrito galaxy 64: Mega Tortilla Bean Saga 30x6 Push It To the Limit (swackSoft softWorks workShop)

Slap, burp, and smack your way through puzzles and dungeons to deliver the interstellar bean payload.

How to Be a Tree (Jimmy Andrews)

In How to Be a Tree, the player is a tree that can twist, twirl, and bound through the world.

Life On A Mountain (Jukio Kallio)

Life On A Mountain is a video game about breathing the fresh air of the mountain and thinking about all the secrets it might hide.

Captain Forever Remix (Brian Chan, Dean Tate)

Captain Forever Remix allows players to build a spaceship, travel across the solar system destroying enemies, and scavenge their remains for new ship parts.

Catacomb Kids (FourBit Friday)

Catacomb Kids is a challenging, fast-paced platformer with a huge assortment of generated weapons and enemies to avoid.

Deep Under the Sky (Colin Northway)

Try life as a strange jellyfish that flies through the thick atmosphere of a psychedelic Venus.

Future Unfolding (Spaces of Play)

Future Unfolding is an experimental action-adventure game that lets you explore a mystical forest filled with life, both beautiful and dangerous.

Glitchhikers (Silverstring Media)

Glitchhikers invites players to experience a haunting drive at night in which things are not quite as they seem.

Gorogoa (Jason Roberts)

Gorogoa is a hand-illustrated world suspended inside of a unique puzzle.

Haunt the House: Terrortown (SFB Games)

This charming action puzzle game allows players to possess objects and haunt unsuspecting humans.

Heat Signature (Tom Francis)

In Heat Signature, players pilot a small unarmed ship and take on missions that involve boarding larger ships without their heat sensors detecting you.

How Do You Do It (Nina Freeman, Emmett Butler, Deckman Cross, Jonathan Kittaka)

How Do You Do It puts players in the role of an 11-year-old girl who uses dolls to furtively attempt to figure out how sex works.

Lost in the Woods (Animal Phase)

Lost in the Woods is an exploratory first-person game about the eroding force of time and the things we choose to pass on.

Miegakure (Marc ten Bosch)

Miegakure is a puzzle-platforming game that lets you explore and interact with a four-dimensional world.

Rooftop Cop (Stephen Lawrence Clark)

Rooftop Cop is a game in which police have forgotten what, and why, they are policing.

The 2nd Amendment  (Ramiro Corbetta, K. Anthony Marefat, Jane Freidhoff)

In The 2nd Amendment, the player controls a 3D avatar who is attempting to play a 2D text adventure game.

The Floor is Jelly (Ian Snyder)

The Floor is Jelly is a physics-based puzzle game set in a whimsical universe made of jelly.

Titan Souls (Mark Foster)

In Titan Souls, a solitary human with a single arrow must defeat twenty colossal titans.

Due to the overwhelming number of submissions received this year, Fantastic Arcade will feature ten additional bonus games that will be playable on all Showcase laptops: #ghosts (Christoffer Hedborg), Action Henk (Ragesquid), Color Thief (Trouble Impact), DRAANG (swackSoft softWorks workShop), Dropsy (Tendershoot), Gods Will Be Watching (Deconstructeam), Offender II (Nathalie Lawhead), The Sun at Night (Minicore Studios), SimAntics: Realistic Anteater Simulator (Liselore Goedhart, Tom Francis), and BLOSSOM (Dominik Johann, Christoffer Hedborg).