Rumor: A Bad Guy Is Coming Back For EPISODE VII

If true, this could be a major spoiler.

Late last night Latino Review dropped a major Star Wars Episode VII scoop that, if true, could be a tremendous spoiler.

Be wary of reading on if you're afraid of being spoiled.

Last chance.

According to the site the big bad of Episode VII, the guy pulling all the strings behind the scenes is...

The Emperor. 

Yup, Palpatine is back for the Sequel Trilogy. How? According to LR's sources that cyborg villain - the one who I first told you about and whose picture got leaked shortly thereafter - is actually the Emperor himself. 

Before we go any further: my sources have also told me that the Emperor is back in Episode VII, although they haven't told me how. The Emperor returning has been cooking in the rumormill for some time, all the way back to the Michael Arndt draft where he was supposedly a Force ghost. Is he the cyborg in this film? Could be.

It's important to remember Star Wars's roots in serialized, pulpy adventure. We saw the Emperor fall and we heard him scream and then we saw a blast of energy... but what did that mean? The Death Star II held together long enough for Luke to drag his dad's huge, heavy body all the way to the shuttle bay, couldn't someone else have rescued the mortally wounded Emperor? Could he have been cyborged up the way he cyborged up Anakin Skywalker?

Like I said, my sources tell me the Emperor is in the movie, but they didn't tell me in what capacity. It's very possible that Latino Review is right - they have great sources on this film. It's also worth remembering that they were the first to break news that Episode VII will, for the first time ever in a Star Wars movie, have flashbacks, which means the Emperor could also show up there. 

The other intriguing bit: Latino Review says that the Emperor will not be played by Ian McDarmid. Who will be creating this new version of The Emperor? Could this be Andy Serki's mocap cameo? Just because The Emperor is in the movie doesn't mean he's in it much. See The Empire Strikes Back for a good example. 

What do you think? Is the return of the Emperor exciting for you?