Matthew McConaughey Please Take This Role In THE STAND

Alright alright alright, here comes the Walkin' Dude. 

Is a three hour The Stand a good idea? I don't know, man, but I do know one thing: Matthew McConaughey cast as Randall Flagg, the Walkin' Dude, is THE BEST IDEA.

Warner Bros and director Josh Boone are hoping to get McConaughey to play the role of the denim-clad, Satanic villain from Stephen King's magnum opus*, and I couldn't support this idea any more strongly. This is such inspired casting that I feel like it won't happen; McConaughey's laidback charm would be the ultimate contrast with Flagg's larger evils. And it would be in line with how he's written in the book; sure, I'll always see Jamey Sheridan as Flagg in my head, but looking back it's almost like King was writing the part for McConaughey.

Is The Stand the sort of movie post-Oscar Matt takes? I don't know, but I really hope it is. 


Oh no, Josh Boone debunked this IN THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE:



McConaughey as Stu is so boring. And Bale as Flagg is wrong on a lot of levels - he's too intense, for one. Also, his American accents are always wrong to me, just a little flatter than they should be. Flagg should be not just American but kind of Southern fried. Rethink all of this, Josh Boone!

* yes, I think The Stand is his magnum opus. The Dark Tower is not.