Spike Lee Speaks Out On Film Crit Hulk

The master director has taken note of our Hulk. What does he have to say?

Film Crit Hulk wrote an article about Do The Right Thing, Spike Lee's masterpiece and probably one of the top ten motion pictures ever made in America. Hulk's piece was short (for Hulk) but no less sweet, and it was full of great insight. This is a movie I've seen a hundred times, but Hulk's article gave me all-new ways to approach it. 

You write stuff online and you never imagine it might actually get anywhere. You can't imagine it; you would be paralyzed if you thought about the subject of your latest review reading your words. But they do often end up reading this stuff, and Spike Lee ended up reading Hulk's piece. And then Spike shared the piece on all of his social media and made this comment: 

Let's take a step back. The director of Do The Right Thing, one of the best movies ever made, loved Hulk's essay. What's more, he said that it was, and I quote "The Best Essay Ever Written That Digs Deep Into What I Attempted To Do And What DO THE RIGHT THING Is Really About." In 25 years, with all the great writers who have approached this movie, Hulk has written the piece that Spike thinks is the best ever. 

Hot damn. 

I know that Hulk wouldn't go out of his way to boast about this, but I am just so proud at this moment. I'm honored to have him writing on this site, and I'm thankful that he's willing to lend us these insights and thoughts that continue to engage and activate new people, from commenters to Spike Lee himself.