Viggo Mortensen Goes French In This FAR FROM MEN Trailer

Quit trying to be the sexiest man ever, guy! We’re convinced!

Viggo Mortensen can do anything. Until recently, that wasn’t true. We could all look at him and think, “Yeah sure, but can he speak French?” The answer was no, and our world had a modicum of balance. Now it turns out that answer was yes, and we are all fucked.

Far From Men (the French name is Loin des Hommes, which translates to “Legs of Hommies”) finds Mortensen playing a Mr. Rogers school teacher type who must become a badass by escorting some guy to some place. Meanwhile, bad guys are after them. There is a lot of shooting.

This film will kick of this year’s Venice Film Festival, which the BAD team will be covering from home whenever each entry finally gets to Netflix Instant. Of all the films at the fest, this is the one I’m most looking forward to or know about at all.