Badass Giveaway: Win A Cool Pierce Brosnan Blu-Ray Prize Pack!

Blu it up with The Brozzz.

Pierce Brosnan’s big new action film, The November Man, comes out tomorrow, and I can’t believe it. That’s just how time flies. One day it’s August, and the next thing you know, it’s November, man.

To help celebrate this new release, we have a prize to give away! Would you like a Pierce Brosnan Blu-ray prize pack? It includes The Matador, The Thomas Crown Affair, and Brosnan’s Bond entries. You also get some sweet November Man swag. I believe this includes a T-shirt, a water bottle, and a passport case. No gun though, as far as I know.

So here’s what you have to do:

It’s 1994. You just offered Pierce Brosnan the part of James Bond. But he says no! Which actor from that era do you go for next? Who is your ideal mid-‘90s Bond?

Send your answers to [email protected] with the headline “The Brozzz.” Make sure to include your address stuff, so I can hunt you down. I will pick a winner Friday. Everyone else owes me a finger, and I WILL collect.