These STAR WARS EPISODE VII Fan Posters Are Actually Good

If you put an infinite number of monkeys in a room with infinite copies of Photoshop...

With the overwhelming amount of fan art out there you'd figure someone would eventually have to get it right. Them's just the odds. And someone did, when it comes to these fan-made Episode VII teaser posters. I don't particularly like the words - "War/Aftermath" is just clunky - but I like the concept. Especially because it ties in with what has me most excited about the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, the idea that tnese films will take a serious look at what the fallout is from the end of Jedi. Did getting rid of the Emperor and destroying the Death Star II really bring immediate peace to the galaxy? Or is the rebuilding process long, slow and filled with hazards?

These posters come from DeviantArtist AndrewSS7. I am not entirely sure why he has those dates on them, though.