VACATION Sequel-Remake Thing Might Nab Chris Hemsworth

Audrey grew up and married Thor.

Hey, remember how they’re making another Vacation movie? It’s not actually a remake because Ed Helms plays a grown up version of Rusty Griswold. But Rusty takes his family on a hellacious road trip just like the one in Vacation, so it’s probably pretty much a remake. Sequmake. Rolls off the tongue.

The film, written and directed by John Francis Daley (the Freaks and Geeks guy, not the amazing comedian) and Jonathan Goldstein, is now starting to work on the casting phase and they want Thor himself to play Audrey’s husband, which is really good news for Audrey. Christina Applegate’s playing Rusty’s wife, so he’s not doing too shabby either.

Meanwhile, Charlie Day will also appear in the film but only in cameo form. He plays a river-rafting guide. I bet he screams a lot. Speaking of cameos, Chevy Case and Beverly D’Angelo will briefly show up in the film as well.

Does this casting, or the fact that this isn’t truly a remake soften you on Vacation at all? It moves me from “don’t care” to “tempted to almost care a tiny bit.” If Chris Hemsworth were playing Rusty and Charlie Day were playing his wife, that’d be a whole different story.