Badass Podcast #18: It Turns Out ROCKY IV Sucks

Devin and Evan welcome Sam Zimmerman and are dismayed by ROCKY IV.

For the last three weeks our Padcast has been revisiting the Rocky films in order, and it's been a joy... until now. This week we come to Rocky IV and all of us agree that not only is this a bad Rocky movie, it's kind of a bad movie period. 

All of us includes Samuel Zimmerman, our good friend and a writer for Fangoria, who binge-watched the Rocky films just to catch up to this discussion!

Of course many of you will disagree. I ask only one thing: listen to the podcast, because we actually get into detail and dig into the argument that Rocky IV sort of stinks. And then you can feel free to yell at us in the comments. Just hear out our arguments!