Ron Howard And Tom Hanks Are Seriously Making INFERNO This April

It’s for real, you guys.

Once upon a time, The Da Vinci Code was a pop phenomenon and they made a movie out of it, also called The Da Vinci Code. It starred Tom Hanks and was directed by Ron Howard. Your parents were thrilled.

The phenomenon endured long enough for a sequel. It was called Angels & Demons. It also starred Tom Hanks and was also directed by Ron Howard. Your parents weren't thrilled, exactly, but they put on a good show of looking thrilled.

I have yet to meet anyone, other than your parents, who likes these films. From my perspective, they only dent they made came in the form of Tom Hanks-hair jokes. Those were funny jokes, but funny enough for a trilogy?

We’re going to find out! If there was any doubt on this score, lay it to rest now. Tom Hanks and Ron Howard begin shooing Inferno, their third Robert Langdon movie, this April. Inferno has something to do with Dante’s Inferno, so hopefully Langdon finally travels to Hell in this one.

Angels & Demons came out in 2009. It was a much different world. Hopefully the new guard can find a home in their hearts for new Tom Hanks-hair jokes.