Schwarzenegger’s Zombie Film, MAGGIE, Don’t Need No Stinkin Film Festival

Good news, or some kind of secret form of bad news?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s upcoming “my daughter is a zombie, and it’s a real bummer” movie, Maggie, was all set to premiere very soon at the Toronto Film Festival, and I was all set to be super jealous of anyone lucky enough to see it.

But it turns out we are all back in the same boat now. Yesterday Lionsgate bought Maggie. Maybe because that’s the whole point of being a movie at a festival (or maybe because Lionsgate demanded it), Maggie was like, “I’m out of here,” and now the Toronto Film Festival is Maggie-free.

While I feel bad for the fest, I’m glad someone already snatched this film, ensuring I’ll be able to finally see it sooner than later. It’s a pretty strange sounding movie, and Old Arnold doesn’t seem to have any of that box office muscle we know him for, so I was worried there for a minute.