Denver Badasses: Rian Johnson Is Headed To Your Alamo Drafthouse

And he's bringing LOOPER, BRICK, BROTHERS BLOOM and one of his favorite movies of all time with him. 

photo by Jack Plunkett

I'm always jealous of people who get to live in Colorado, because it's beautiful and fun things are legal there. But today I'm extra jealous of you Colorado badasses, because the Littleton Alamo Drafthouse is bringing the great Rian Johnson - director of Brick, The Brothers BloomLooper and the upcoming Star Wars VIII and IX - for a three-day, four-movie mini-fest of excellence!

Here's what's up: 

On Sunday, September 21st, before Johnson arrives, the Alamo's getting you up to speed on his terrific early works with a 35mm double feature of Brick and Brothers Bloom. Brick is one of my favorite movies and Brothers Bloom is a criminally underseen gem of a caper, and they'll make for a really fun double feature. Get tickets here!

On Monday, September 22nd, Johnson is bringing a 35mm print of one of his all-time favorite movies, the impossibly great The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Get your tickets here

And finally, on Tuesday, September 23rd, Johnson is doing a LIVE, in-theater color commentary of Looper. Hear the on-set scoop straight from the source. Get your tickets here!  

(No, really, people. Get your tickets. This is an incredible event that's going to sell out FAST.)