Shit Goes Down In New MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT Trailer

You see so much! Is it too much?

So Monsters: Dark Continent is going to be different than the first film. A lot different, from the looks of this trailer. I mean, I think we see more giant monster action here than in the entire original. That’s not necessarily a good thing, but we also see plenty of the clever monster cinematography and dramatic context that made the original so special.

This definitely looks like a harder movie than the first. Instead of focusing on two would-be love birds, Monsters: Dark Continent brings us into the military world, making the film seem like a giant monster version of The Hurt Locker or something (I'm not the first person to make that connection). This means we get a trailer filled to the brim with monsters. And since the monsters look pretty swell, that is a good thing. I’m not sure how many romantic monster dances or make-out sessions we’ll see, though. They will be missed.

Still, I’m super excited to see Monsters: Dark Continent. It comes out in the UK on November 28. So I will be in the UK on November 28. Not really.