CHiPs Movie Coming Approximately 20 Years Too Late

Just when you thought Gen X retro-irony was dead.

Remember CHiPs? If so you're probably old like me. A 1970s buddy cop TV show about California Highway Patrol cops on motorcycles, CHiPs was notable for the way its title prophecized internet-era capitalization and also for briefly making Eric Estrada a star. He played Ponch, a cop, opposite Larry Wilcox as Jon, also a cop. Jon was like Southern or something and Ponch was Hispanic, but they were best pals and had lots of adventures along cheap-to-film-at roads. 

Warner Bros has had CHiPs in development for decades now, ever since these sort of movies based on 70s TV shows were in vogue - you know, Dukes of Hazzard and Starsky and Hutch, absolute classics of the modern era. But CHiPs never happened... until the profound genius of Dax Shepard got involved. He's going to write, direct and star as Jon in this new movie version. Michael Pena will play Ponch. 

But get this: rather than a funny movie (or we should say "funny" when it comes to Starsky and Hutch, a film I'm not sure is trying to be very funny), CHiPs is going to be a more serious buddy cop film in the vein of Bad Boys and Lethal Weapon. Basically what's happening here is that the 90s are back, and they've brought their 70s retro fascination with them. 

Which iconic CHiPs stories do you hope Dax Shepard pulls from?