Kids Getting Their Asses Killed All Over The Place: The CUB Trailer

This looks like it could be something special.

Some movies just presell themselves the moment you hear about them. Cub is one of those movies. It’s all about a group of Cub Scouts who are hunted by a scary guy. The genius part: The guy fills the forest with all kinds of crazy awesome traps. So if you’re worried about watching little kiddies get killed in a variety of unpleasant ways, maybe you should stick with Home Alone.

This extremely well put together trailer only makes the wait worse. It starts with a Cub Scout singing the Esperanto hit “I Wanna B UR Somebody Special, K?” As the rest of his troop joins in, we get flashes of a bunch of crazy violent action. A couple times it flashes to the culprit, who appears to be covered in slime or something.

I fiercely want to see this movie. It’s playing this year’s TIFF Midnight Madness, but I can’t see it. My bedtime is 11:30.