The World Premiere Of The CARVER Trailer!

You helped make this movie happen. And it looks really good!

At 13 years old, Emily DiPrimio used Kickstarter to fund her first feature film, an old-school horror entry called Carver. Recently we were lucky enough to share some stills from the film. Today we get the whole trailer.

Emily is 14 now, and her first feature film is already in the bag. That has to make you reflect upon your life choices. The fact that Carver looks quite good probably doesn’t help. We don’t get a good feel for how gory these kills will be, but the masked villain looks super cool, and the trailer certainly introduces a lot of people for him/her to cut up. Plus: Kids killing kids! Always a fast route to my heart.

We are super proud to debut this trailer and can’t wait to hear more about the film as it comes together.