Zac Efron And Robert De Niro’s DRIVING DICK KELLY Sounds Really Great

Dirty old man Robert De Niro? One ticket, please.

It’s a real shame so many of Robert De Niro’s comedies end up being awful. He’s capable of being really funny in the right role. The first Meet the Parents, for instance, surprised me a lot when I finally saw it on video years after it came out.

Since then, things haven’t been so great. Maybe that will change with Driving Dick Kelly. The plot sounds like it has potential. De Niro plays a recently widowed hard-ass who makes his grandson, played by Zac Efron, take him to some kind of crazy Florida Spring Break place so he can get tail from one of those Spring Breakers ladies.

Actually, that plot doesn’t sound all that great by itself. It’s really that plot combined with the promise of De Niro and Efron. But it doesn’t matter why I’m looking forward to it, so long as I’m looking forward to it.

Dan Mazer will direct the film from a script written by John Phillips. The film was going to be made at Universal (under the title, Dirty Grandpa), possibly with Michael Douglas or Jeff Daniels. Now it is just an orphan, looking to eat gruel and kick some ass.