Badass Exclusive: Glimpse Behind-The-Scenes of A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES Music

Composer Carlos Rafael Rivera offers an exclusive peek inside his score.

There’s a new movie on the horizon starring Liam Neeson called A Walk Among The Tombstones, directed by Scott Frank (writer for Dead Again, Get Shorty, Minority Report, The Wolverine). The composer, Carlos Rafael Rivera, is a protégé of Randy Newman who holds a DMA (Doctor of Music Arts) in composition from the USC Thornton School. His music will be released by Varèse Sarabande Records on September 16th and to promote the album they’ve released a short behind-the-scenes video of the creation of the score.

I’ve posted these types of videos in the past because, frankly, I’m a sucker for them. My only complaint is they could be little longer. What’s a few more minutes? It’s a great way to publicize an upcoming score without spoiling too much of the film or the music. This one is especially well done. Even for the layman the technical language of film music is easy to follow and understand and it does a great job of drawing you in. One of my jobs as a writer covering the art and craft of film music, is to demystify it. I’ll admit, it’s a mysterious art form full of things that every body who watches a film is exposed to, but few truly understand. These videos do well to demystify the craft and it doesn’t matter if you know or understand musical language or not.

I can’t say that this film was super high up on my radar; however, having seen this little nugget, I have to say I’m drawn in.

Now if it could just be a few minutes longer…