Gooba Gabba: The First AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW Teaser Is Here!

And I want ALL OF IT.

This time last year I was just about losing my mind over the prospect of American Horror Story: Coven, a prospect that did not quite deliver in execution. In fact, I was so disappointed by Coven that I abruptly stopped reviewing it mid-season, because I am a bad television reviewer. 

But here we are - it's a new year and I am once again losing my mind over the prospect of an upcoming season of American Horror Story. I love this time of year, when AHS is still so full of promise. Freak Show could be AMAZING! I mean, this is a show that has Kathy Bates as a bearded lady and Angela Bassett as a woman with three breasts, working together in a traveling carnival run by Jessica Lange wearing the best dress ever. Don't try to convince me that Freak Show won't be the greatest thing I've ever seen, even if past experience and general wisdom indicate as such. I will not hear it!

The only thing I like more than witches is freaks; it's a particular interest of mine. So much so that I'm now going to derail this post in order to recommend one of my favorite books to you: Katherine Dunn's black, brilliant Geek LoveGeek Love follows the Binewskis, a carny family engineered by sideshow owner Al and his geek wife Lilith, who consumes an alarming amount of chemicals during her pregnancies in order to birth the megalomaniacal flipper boy Arty, conjoined twins Elly and Iphy, psychokinetic Chick and our protagonist, the humpbacked dwarf Oly. It's a gorgeous, repulsive, heartbreaking journey through the life of a true outsider, and reading it will change you. Get it at the link below, or if I loaned it to you and you haven't returned it, give it back, because I can't find my copy and I know I gave it to you.

But back to the matter at hand! Freak Show lands October 8 on FX. You can follow my reviews of all American Horror Story episodes here (except the last few Coven eps, see above).