Here’s Tom Hiddleston Singing Hank Williams

The actor is prepping to play the legend, and he showed up at a music festival to do some songs.

I don't know. 

Look, Hank Williams had one of the great voices of the 20th century. I could listen to Hank sing all day, and there have been days where I have done just that. He had a twang mixed with a sonorous charm and smoothness that helped birth modern country music. Tom Hiddleston will be playing Hank in a biopic, and even singing some of his songs, and while I'm all for Hiddleston the actor, I'm not yet sold on Hiddleston the singer. I was actually more sold on Hiddleston the singer before watching this video from the Wheatland Music Festival in Michigan this weekend. 

HIddleston sounds kind of ragged, and a little shouty. Maybe that's just the effect of singing onstage - in a recording booth he'll have better control. I hope he has better control because I actually love Hiddleston as Hank - if he can get the singing down. And look, Hiddleston's not a bad singer - he just doesn't sound like Hank. 

This is how Hank sounds: